Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A little gift before christmas...

I offer these cartoons mainly for those friends, whose children are between 1 and 4 yrs. I don't know what is the secret of this little mole, but I loved it when I was a kid and since then every children is crazy of it. It was made from the end of 1960's, so this is a real socialist cartoon, but take a try and see how your children enjoy it :) Szabi is crazy for it a long time....

So, here it is:

look at the realted videos, too, there are more parts!!!

Love, Kati

Monday, December 10, 2007

just a pic

I just wanted to share this photo with you.... I love it :)))

Monday, December 03, 2007

the first little success!

Szabi peed and pooped into the potty in the daycare! Wowwww! I am so proud :))))))) maybe the nannies solve my problem with the potty-training, I only have to follow them :P

Love, Kati

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's a boy!!!!

Yesterday I was at the doc to make the 19th week US....and yes, Szabi'll have a little brother :)))))))) He showed his willy (am I saying it right?) very well to us :D

This week was really cold and rainy, so I went to a playing-house with Szabi and a 2 other little one (and with her mums, of course). The kids really enjoyed the tons of toys and I really enjoyed that I could sit down and relax... Szabi found the duplo and lego-tables, so I had nothing to do...

After we got home and my brother came to visit us with his family (just as every friday and saturday... :))))) Szabi is in love with their bigger daughter, Dori (12) and they played a really big, there was no problem with bed-time...ha-ha

A few weeks ago Szabi's nanny in the daycare decided to put Szabi on big-kid menu (ages 2,5 and up). Well, I really didn't want to beleive, but Szabi is doing well, he eats almost alone (except soup), and loves it! Fortunately he likes the daycare-menu..... sometimes I think he loves it better than my cooking..... He started to eat pears, and he is crazy about mandarine and orange. I don't know how many mandarins he would able to eat, but I am afraid to give him more than 5 whole fruit :P

I bought a potty with music (it plays the "if you happy ...clap your hands.....sorry, I don't know the english version), maybe he'll have more motivation to get potty-trained.... there is no results yet....

I looked at Avery's blog and I have a comment: I really don't know that testing our children in such an early age is good for us. I mean that while a child is not talking well, she/he is far behind the peers.... That's why a lot of parent got bad news at testing. All of us know that our kids are behind the typical/normal...etc....(everybody use the phrase what want), and I think all of us do the best we can. Sometimes better sometimes worse.
Szabi is not talking yet. If I am standing on my head, he isn't..... He will..... I hope soon..... but if I'd carry him to Dr. Mervis or Dr. Morris, they would find him far behind than other ws kids, I am 100% in this. But he is doing really well, only not talking and not potty trained. He is very non-verbal, he understands really many things and complete tasks (pull down socks, pull up trousers, wash your hands, bring here, give away, point sg. out etc...), but I don't need a comparison to somebody else, because it'd frighten me. Sometimes I am afraid of readig the blogs and the listserve, because I truly don't understand with ws-things and other parents fears or advices..... who knows what Szabi (or Clare, Avery, Erik, Brady and all the other kids) is going to do in a year or in 5 (10-20-50) years? For example I don't know yet what a lot of parent mean under anxiety. How can be a 1 or 2 year old child could be able for anxiety? I hope I only misunderstand the meaning of the word. And meltdowns.... it's ok for a meltdown in age 4 or up, but sooner???? Every healthy kid have tantrums, meltdowns, laughing-crying-laughing-crying periods, but should we label our kids with such ugly words as anxiety, meltdown and so on?
I really don't know what to think. Maybe I am lucky, because I am a lazier mum, try not to worry too much, and try to handle Szabi as a totally normal kid? maybe I am unlucky that I don't worr too much and don't work much more with Szabi? Am I gulity that I just want to play with my son and not to develop him under playing?

Sorry for the long comment, I had to write it down. I hope somebody understand it, and the others don't get sore :)

Love, Kati

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I took a few pics after Szabi and his dad were at the barber's and they made a big eating-before-the-TV :)))) Here are they:

and bonuses for me:
Szabi can catch the ball if sy. throw it
plus he is very happy when he puts out his tounge when I ask him :DDD

he is starting to say words (or sg. like them): thanks, mom, dad, stop... but I don't know when he is going to speak....

And here I am with baby#2:

Love, Kati

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The first snow

It was snowing this morning!!!! First time in this year (have to admit: last year there was no snow at all!!!!!) So: this is the first time when Szabi met the snow :))))))))) he doesn't really like the feeling when snow flakes were falling on his face, but loved the snow on the ground and of course the big plashes!!! This is not the real snow yet, only a little display, but it reminded me to go and buy warm boots for Szabi...yayyy

Monday, October 29, 2007

A little about me.....following Teresa

While I was reading the blogs I found these questions at Teresa.... I really liked her answers, so I decided to fill it, too. Here it is:

1. What time did you get up this morning? 6:30 a.m.

2. Diamonds or pearls? Neither, I don't like jewelries

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

4. What is your favorite TV show? Mc Leod's daughters

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? milk, crescent with butter or marmalade or sg. with full of calories

6. What kind of soap do you use? no soap just shower gel, now appricot-smell Nivea

7. What is your middle name? I have no middle name, because I am reformed

8. What food do you dislike? mushroom, liver

9. What is your favorite food? pizza, pastas

10. What kind of car do you drive? Opel Vectra

11. Favorite sandwich? salami roll

12. What characteristic do you despise? Being jaundiced or malicious

13. Favorite item of clothing? Jeans

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Poland, Greece or Ireland

15. What color is your bathroom? green and grey

16. Favorite brand of clothing? none

17. Where would you retire to? a house at lake Balaton

18. What was your most recent memorable birthday? 30 I was at holiday with my friends and family

19. When is your birthday? August 12

20. What is your favorite scent? Laura Biagotti Laura

21. Are you a morning person or a night person? neither, I hate waking up and I have to go bed early :)

22. What is your shoe size? 9.5

23. Pets? no pets

24. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? I have to wear those trousers, which I was wearing when I was more than 5 months pregnant with Szabi :(((((((

25. What did you want to be when you were little? I don't remember, maybe I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher

26. How are you today?lazy

27. What is your favorite candy? PEZ

28. What is your favorite flower?white tulips

29. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? April 14 (about), when our second child is going to be born

30. What church do you attend?none

31. What are you listening to right now? only TV, Houses behaving badly on BBC prime

32. What was the last thing you ate? Danone actimel with bread with radish

33. Do you wish on stars? no

34. If you were a Crayola crayon, what color would you be? orange

35. How is the weather right now? rainy and cloudy

36. Last person you spoke to on the phone? my husband

37. What is your favorite soft drink? fanta or ginger ale

38. Favorite restaurant? greek

39. Hair Color? Brown

40. Siblings? 1 brother

41. Favorite day of the year? don't know

42. What was your favorite toy as a child? bicycle

43. Summer or winter? summer

44. Hugs or kisses? Both

45. Chocolate or Vanilla? vanilla.

46.When was the last time you cried? yesterday evening at the end of my favourite film, Sliding doors with Gwyneth Paltrow

47. What is under your bed? half pair of my slippers...Szabi threw it to there in the morning :)

48. What friend have you had the longest? Ildi

49. What did you do last night? Watched film with Laci

50. Favorite room in your house? bedroom

51. What are you afraid of? my second children won't be healthy

52. Popcorn salted? buttered? both

53. Favorite sport to watch? acrobatic diving and horse riding

54. Favorite sport or activity to participate in? maybe a big sleeping???? :DDDDD

Plus: I am really happy because I saw big changes in Szabi's eating habits: I am brave enough to tell: there is no more eating problems! He is totally eating like a 2,5 yrs old (but fastidious) kid! he is able to eat a whole apple, but only in groos and with husk on :))) I don't have to make a normal meal to half-pureed food, I have to chop it up only into smaller pieces.... I don't know how it happened, he started to try new foods, new tastes..... i love him :))))

I have two wishes now:

1. I hope he is going to speak soon, he has words, but only a few, he is bubbling and shouting, but i am waiting for the breakthrough!

2. I hope that this little somebody in my paunch is very-very healthy!!!!!!!!!!

Uh, Heather asked me what is nucha: sorry, i thought it means tha same in every language, it means: nape. In Hungary every pergnant woman has to go to a genetic US at the 12. week, when the US doctor look at the baby's nape, which should be between 0 and 2,5 mm (0-0,09 inch). If it is bigger, maybe indicates Down-syndrome or other chromosome-abnormalities. Szabi's nape was 2,8 mm..... So you can understand why this US was very important for me :)

Love, Kati

My favourite pic now..... we took it a few days ago and had a really good time with this little girl's dad.... the 2 kids look like who are in love :D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Well, me and Laci decided to be brave and labour to have a sister/brother to Szabi.... I let you know that I am pregnant (12 weeks) with this little girl or boy (who knows???), today was the genetic US and everything was OK, her/his nucha was only 1,6 mm...huhhhh :))))
So forgive me that I was lost in these past few months :)

Love, Kati

Sunday, September 02, 2007

So, the news are:

we met another ws-family again (we are really good friends through cell phone, but that's not the same...:) They have 2 sons, the bigger is 4,5 yrs old, ws, the younger is 1,5 (and of course he doesn't have it :P The 3 children were really cute together but at the end of the weekend I only wanted to lay down to my deathbed.... I have to face that Szabi is a really-really vivacious child, nowadays I really have to concentrate how to raise and hold in him. Of course he is not speaking more, but acts like a little devil :)

This Wednesday he had his nose-tonsils out, everything went well, we had to stay at the hospital only 24 hours. I hope this surgery solves his middle-ear infections... and he got tubes into his ears, too. He behaved himself really well, I can't see any traumatic sign on him :DDDDDDDD

Have a nice week-end!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


One more pic of our holiday :)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Apology :)

Hi Everyone in the blogging-world!!!

I only want to notify you, that I am a very-very busy reader of your blogs, just I don't have enough time to leave a message for everyone, I think it won't be fair to post for only a few people...Just keep on blogging, you are my bases in this world! :D
I noticed there are new moms here, welcome Tara and Camille :)

Have a nice weekend!


Monday, July 30, 2007

Catch me if you can

Just a short video for you: catch me if you can mommy and a few kisses for you, girls :)))))))
Sorry, there is no sound....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Holiday and work...yayyy

So...I'm back to work.... I forgot how tiring is sitting in an office from 7:30 am to 4 pm. So strange that I usually arrive home at 4:30 pm and I have only a few hours before Szabi goes to bed. When I leave in the morning he is sleeping.... Laci has 3 more weeks on holiday, he has a hard time, too, he was never be with Szabi for such a long time :)))))))

The bad news is that on 29th august Szabi has his nose-tonsils out. Yayyyy! Next week Laci has appointments with the doc and the anesthesiologist, too. Poor devil...

I hope after the surgery there will be less sicks...

We are trying to start potty-training, sometimes it works, sometimes not. More and more frequently Szabi catches his diapers when he has pee, so he knows what's going on... When he is naked he always looks what is flowing down :D I hope at the end of summer we can get a few pees into the potty during the day.

I make you known (I am very proud :))) that we put Szabi's baby bed to the attic, and he sleeps in his new big bed for more than 4 weeks! (-1 week when we were on holiday and carried his travell-bed). So we were on holiday last week at lake Blataon. The weather was hot (too hot), we were at the beach all day except nap-time. Szabi enjoyed water very much, but not the splashing part for children, he always wanted to be in the big water with us.

Fortunately he behaved himslef very very well, he was a little sweetie, maybe because there were 5 girls (age 7-11) who pampered him all day (at the end of the holiday he started to abuse with their loves...;)

We had a perfect holiday, but there is no place like home! If I'll have time at the weekend, I'll post more photos!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This was a perfect weekend.... finally we met again with another ws family. They live in the capital, not too far from us, but you know, it's difficult to manage a whole weekend when none of the kids are sick :))

They are a very friendly couple, have twins: Lili is a beautiful little girl and David is the loveable boy with ws. They are a little more than 3.5 yrs old.

The weekend was very stirring, full of laughing, crying, fighting, hair-pulling and others :))))))

Enjoy the photos!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Illnesses, illnesses, illnesses

Yesterday afternoon we had to go to the night duty, because Szabi had ear-infection (3rd time in 2,5 months!!!).... poor guy, the doc punctured both of his ears. He was ill since saturday, he got a virus with snivel, a day later his eyes inflamed, and now his ears.............yayyyyyyyyyyyyy
After the punction he became very happy, looked like he has nothing matter. This is the kickback of the daycare......... :(

Fortunately he bears illnesses well enough.... a few weeks ago he got a whistle and today he was blowing it nearly all day (where is the sensitive hearing in these cases?????)

A little gift for you.... it's amazing :))))

Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday I got big news from the daycare, Szabi peed in the potty.... all the other kids enthused over it, Szabi was really proud of himself. And today he did it again.... and why I have remorse??? Till yesterday I didn't have any motivation to start the potty training with him, I was thinking he isn't speaking, he can't tell me he needs to I underrated my son....and this was not the first time... Last week his nanny said that Szabi started to 'speak' in the daycare, although till that time he was in shut-up-mode. He said clearly: toy (of course in hungarian :))))) Okay, he is very vocal now, but he is babbling like a 1 yr old: baby, dad, mommy, this, that, no etc. (baba, apa, mami , ez, az, nem - in hungarian) But I thought that his only lucid word is the THIS (Szabi, what would you like, show me???? THISSSS!!!!!!!!!! = AAAAAAAAAAAAAZT!!!!!!!! )
I feel myself a little bad mom, I fell into the ws-trap :((((((((((
Of course I enthused over the potty-thing, too, I put out the potty and tried....and tried....and tried....Szabi spent only max. 10 sec on the potty and then ran away.... maybe he'll be sooner potty-trained at the daycare than at home :DDDDDD

Have a nice weekend for you, girls!!!!
Never underrate our kids :DDDDDDDDD

Love, Kati

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer fun with Laura

At the weekend the weather was perfect for a little garden-bath party with our neighbours' daughter, Laura :)))))))

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sorry that I didn't blog for a while...I just didn't feel the motivation to sit down and write something... meanwhile I looked your blogs, but I couldn't write down a line, either....maybe I had a 'creative crisis'.... :)

Nancy: I really enjoyed your slideshows and thoughts of the day :) I am so happy that Erik loves hippotherapy and he is so cute on the horse!!!! Give a big hug and kiss to Erik in the name of Szabi!!! I hope your blog entries win a prize, I am so proud of you, you are a really good writer!!! And yes, you are not alone...I'm really waiting for more info about Sophie's run...

Aspen: Daven looks great in his walker, soon he is going to run!!!! I'm just wondering how this little man started to make big milestones.... I wish you more and more beautiful days in the future, he is beautiful!!! So proud of him eating mandarins...I wish Szabi would do it, too :P I am so excited about his speech... I bet he'll start to speak sooner than my son....yayyy

Kerry: you really touched me with Brady's have a super family and friends, did you know this? Really enjoyed the photos of Brady, he gets cuter and cuter! You handled the ws thing with Michael perfectly...congratulations!!!

Teresa: CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that everything went well... Clare looks like who is in love with his younger brother on the pic, doesn't she? I wish you calm nights and beautiful days with this 3 little ones :))))))

Amy: I am happy to hear Avery is doing well! Avery is so close to walking and talking as I noticed.... Keep it up!!! :) I hope you had more lunch (or supper???) date with this mysterious gentleman :))))))

Lisa: Tatum is beautiful!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that everything went well with her eye surgeryand she is recovering soon!!! She looks like a little angel with her curly hair :D ...and yes, she looks older...but still a cute little girl!!!!!!!!!

Matthew's Lisa: I am sorry that you didn't update your blog (maybe you are in a creative crisis, like me ;)))))))))

Kim: So happy that Ava is doing well....her eyes are beautiful and I have to say, I am jaundiced about her language skills :))) For the matter Szabi's feet are the same as Ava's and it didn't cause any problem while walking....

Nicole: Good luck with the house-building, hope everything is going well!!! I missed you...maybe you can update soon!

Noel: Hohoooo what a great school! Abi is beautiful on the pics...I'm glad you had the new camera to make these pics!!! They are all wonderful!!!Abi is so cute with the baby.... :)

Penny: love the new pics... I always see Szabi in Keith (of course a few years later)...I love him!!!! :)

Jessica: can you upload a few pics of Gage? I hope he recovered soon after the surgery!

Gina: Gianna became a really pretty girl, she is very beautiful :))))))))))

Well, about Szabi: nothing changed, he had a really ferine cold which ended up with an ear-infection.... he wasn't in his day-care for 3 weeks.....huhhh...maybe I have to start the training-in once again???? He becomes interactive and slippy every day, 1 day 1 bruise :)))))))))
No real words yet, but he gets closer and closer to say sg. meaningful :)


Friday, April 06, 2007

Well, I am too lazy to make my blog, there are days when I don't switch on my computer... I think I became a really busy mom :)

So, the news:

1. Szabi is in the day-care from 9 to 12:30 every weekday. He loves it!!!! He loves the other kids, gives them hugs and kisses, strokes them... He didn't eat anything at the day-care, he striked...but 3 days ago he started to eat and there is no way he asked for more from the celery vegetable with liver.......grrrrrrrrrr

2. I started to give him omega3 2 weeks ago and there is a good change. He eats more, became more indipendent, gives sounds all day (sometimes he was in shut-up mode for days...), became a more happy and smart kid. Maybe it is not the omega3 just the daycare...but who knows???? He started to act like a normal 2 yo kid (without speech of course...)

3. I see the changes every day in his playing, that he is observing and imitating his play mates...he is starting to use his play cars according to rules...not just spinning...

4. We bought a tricycle for him, he enjoyes it ....bye-bey stroller!!!! Of course we bought the one which has a pusher for the parent :)))))))))

A funny pic for you.... never too early.....

Love, Kati

Monday, March 19, 2007


I didn't post for a while... Szabi was ill, he is caughing yet, so he spent only 6 days in the day-care :))) Last week we had a long week-end, there was a national celebration here, so Laci could spent 4 days at home, we did our first barbecue party with friends this year!!!
The weather was beautiful, we spent a lot of time outside, prepared the garden for spring, Szabi enjoyed it very much...
He became so wilfull and dodgy, opens all door, climbs up onto the chairs and tables, if he is inside he wants to go outside, if he is outside wants to go back....huhhh, he is a real 2 years old with many types of tantrum in order to reach what he wants... Sometimes I just want to spank him, but I think it would be needless...:))))
So, there is a few new photo of him:

Being a party man :D

Just jogging...

In love with the neighbour's cat

Being sick with daddy

On the penal-sofa...thinking about what he did... :P

Love, Kati

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quick update 2

We are always in hurry.... PT and nursery, too... We were at the nursery 2 times, Szabi likes it, no crying, only when we have to go home... he gets lunch, too....these baby-menus at the nursery are gruesome: white carrot-vegetable with potatoe-puree, cheese and there was string-bean with potatoe and meat....brrrrrrrrrrr :((((((( and everything is in one plate!!!!!!!
I think Szabi is going to endure the nursery, I hope there will be no bigger problems .... knock it down... :) He didn't mind too much when he got a pat from another kid or somebody toss him away...he simply went and find another toy...or give the pat back :DDD (when the nannies didn't see it of course)

At the weekend we celebrated Szabi's birthday at my parents' house with the family, next weekend with the friends. Here is a few photo:

Love, Kati

Friday, March 02, 2007

Quick update

Sorry I didn't blog for a while.... On Tuesday and wednesday we travelled to Budapest (our capital) for a really big controll (blood, eye, teeth, heart ultrasound, kidney and belly us) and every doctor was really well-informed about ws, they saw a lot of ws-kid, so they know what are they searching for :) Every result was perfect, his SVAS didn't change anything fortunately.
If everything goes well on monday I'll take Szabi to the nursery first time.... we have to arrive at 10 and we can stay there till 12. I am so excited!!!!
Szabi has a little lympho-knot on his neck, I hope this is just a normal knot!!! The pedi said that it is normal, he had a really bad illness a month ago, maybe this is the problem or some infection is in his body now... For safety sake on monday afternnon we'll go and visit her :(

Have a nice weekend, love, Kati

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am pleased

Huhh, everything was OK yesterday, Szabi did his best: he was a smiley, pleasant kid, brought his books to the nanny, pointed out the babies from a magazine, climbed up between us while we were talking, brought wooden spoons and a can opener from the kitchen etc. I was so proud. The nanny was so pleased, too, she said she thinks there will be no problem with Szabi in the preschool. We will start the 'preschool training' on 5th march, and if everything goes well after 2 weeks we can try if Szabi takes his nap in the preschool. I am so excited!!!!
This morning we went to the preschool to meet his therapists....well, they were very-very sweetie....TOO sweetie (but under the smiling faces I felt the tenseness and what they think really)! But: Szabi gets 2*1 hour OT a week, it will be a group-therapy with 4 other kids, plus he gets 1 hour OT, too but that time he'll be alone. Plus: he gets speech therapy, too!!!! And our PT doesn't change, the preschool has no physicotherapist, Szabi loves his PT, I am so pleased that we needn't change her!!!
So the point is: I am totally satisfied now with the changes!

Ps.: Szabi did 2 milestones in the last week: reached all the door handles, so he can open every door and he can climb up to the sofa (these were the highest points which he couldn't reach by now in our house :). Maybe he grow a few centimeters plus being much tactician :DDD After a few months of doing nothing interesting he started to develop. So, moms, don't give up, our kids can surprise us suddenly :))))))))))

Do you think this little man is up to some hanky-panky???

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Keep your fingers crossed fro us, girls, this afternoon Szabi's nanny from the preschool is going to visit our family.... She asked me to inform her about the ws, this will be the first time when I have to explain ws to someone, I wrote a little list for help :D
When I met her my first impression was that she looks like if someone mixed a a chef, a soldier and a Brunhilda (a farmer-girl) from Germany.... :) She is a little bit tremendous, but loves children. I am a little bit nervous... I cleaned up the house while Szabi has his nap, now I run and wash my hair :DDDD
Tomorrow I'll be cleverer, going to report my experiences!!!
Love from Kati and Szabi (who is 'reading' with daddy)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yesterday we went to the neurologicist just to controll Szabi's development... The doc surprised me, he said that we needn't have to come back for controls, only if we need some paper, but he is very happy when he sees Szabi is doing well, but that's all. There were no examinations or tests, just wrote a memo that Szabi is walking stably but his moving is a little lumpy and he is not speaking yet. I don't know if I jump for joy ( -1 doc!!!) or be frustrated.
Today we went to the preschool, too, I was very proud of Szabi, he took his nanny's hand and walk into the room with her, looked at the children and in the next second he walked away for play. He looked at me a few times while I was speaking with the nanny, when I called him he came to me but he wasn't so happy while we left the preschool :)))))) Official his first day will be 5th March. All of his groupmates are healthy, cute kids, I hope that it is the best choice for him. He'll get OT twice a week just as now, but his therapists will change. I try not to worry about this, because I think he didn't make a big friendship with his 2 OT, he is only love with his PT (but fortunately she won't change). His OT will be in the preschool, I am not contented with it, but I have no other chioce if I want him in a healthy group. Before the ws diagnosis we were here a few times for PT, but I felt that these therapist were a little regretful and disdainful with us. When the ws turned out they wanted me to give Szabi into their preschool in the injured group. I said no, so I think there will be a little stress between us....but I don't mind... in the worst case they won't do anything with Szabi :DDDDD He'll take this 2 hours per week with them, I think.
The good news it that I have 77 days time off work, I'll go back to work on 8th March, but with this holiday I have to go back only the end of June!!!! My boss said that he'll be happy if I'll be on holiday in July ( I have 25 days time off remained in 2007) so if everything goes well I have to work only from 18th July!!!! Hurray!!!!!!! Of course my boss asked if we want another baby.... I said yes, the sooner we can, it'll be the best for us and the best for my workplace, too (not to go back and have a baby after a year for example). he wasn't so surprised, he didn't get a shock or anything else ;)
Okay, no more news today, but here are a few pic for you!!!
1. Szabi helps cleaning up
2. Reading with daddy
3. Tea-time!

Monday, January 29, 2007


Szabi was very ill at the weekend, I think he never was so ill in his life. Fever, cough (which caused puke).... so he got antibiotics and now he got well, but is not on the top... He was clinging on me all day, and he felt himself so wretchedly that my heart broke again and again.
Today was the first day when he is up to sg. bad :))) Recovery!!!!
While he was ill he indulged in watching Sesame street on tv. I always hated this series...ha-ha....sometimes I think that Szabi is the opposite of me, he likes/hates the opposite things that I do. He is crazy for cats, I don't love them, but there are dozens of cats here...and every cat is running through our garden...huhhhh!
Here is a pic of him while watching Sesame street:

Have to got, I have a lot og things to do, which weren't done at the weekend!

Love, Kati

Monday, January 22, 2007

Curious little boy

I became a little more optimistic in the past 1-2 weeks because Szabi discovered that if he points onto sg. his crazy mom and dad say the name of the thing. So this little man goes to anywhere with his forefinger and points, looks and memorizes...and again, other thing, points, looks, memorizes.... I'm in love with him but this kind of play sometimes a little boring (and nerve-racking... for example when he is in his high chair and instead of eating he points table, chair, plate, glass, spoon, wall, shelf, lamp one ofter one...and again...and again... and if I stop he became resentful... with smaller or bigger hissy, of course :DDDDDD But I am so proud of him, because I see that he's gonna speak sometime in the future!!!!! Up to this time he pointed out for only our asking 'where is the dog, cat????' etc., but now this is some other! He became curious for the name of the things.... or maybe he only enjoys that he controls his parents' speech?
Love, Kati

Friday, January 12, 2007


Hi Girls!

Sorry, I didn't blog for a while, but I think I had a mini depression :) Plus I got a really nice virus for my stomach, too, so I wasn't in a good mood in the past few weeks... :D
The things didn't change a lot, no more activities at Szabi, he isn't speaking yet, only says 'DADDY'... of course in hungarian... :D (it sounds like appa) But he does it with such a big empathy that his dad falls in love with him again and again...
You know, that I am so realist, but 3 days ago there was a news in the TV, what hit my heart... The story was about artificial genes. It doesn't mean anything interesting for me, I know that it would be very useful in the future, but doesn't help for my child. BUT: the shock came when I realized that all over the world there are a lot of research on artificial genes, but there is one, which is close enough to start the animal-tests... just a note before I say what caused a little shock to me: hungarian people are good at math, physics, chemistry and other natural sciences, for example the inventor of the vitamin C, dynamo, match or nowadays the oil-eater bacteriums, and unfortunately one of those scientists were hungarian, too, who made the first atom-bomb...
So, get to business: this research runs in Hungary, and exactly in Szeged, the town where I live, and the research-center is only a few streets down from us... We usually walk by the center every day...
I was in tears... to know that maybe in the future somebody can heal (or anticipate) this syndrome, but this research isn't useful for us, it can't heal my son... It was the last drop in the glass, I felt myself so miserable that never in my life.
A day after this incient I was in the grocery with Szabi and met a 12-13 nontypical boy with his dad. He had a very hoarse voice and enthuses over everything (literally!!!)... so he could be Szabi in 10 years... he waved to Szabi while they were standing behind us at the cassa and he was speaking and speaking and speaking.... his dad started to be angry, the other people started to feel themselves comfortless and suddenly a 4 yrs old girl asked his dad: look dad, there is that boy... isn't he hungarian? His dad asked why. He is speaking so strange - replied the little girl. Is he ill? I didn't hear what was the answer.... I saw our future for a second. Maybe we are going to get used to these situations... But what if Szabi will ask me: why I am not like other children? What will be my answer?
I can state bravely, that this week wasn't the best week in my life... Oh, I nearly forgot: the normal créche didn't keep up a place for Szabi, and we have to go to the integrated créche, fortunately in the healthy group, but this fight and at last the defeat was very dismal for me.
I wish a very happy and peaceful weekend to all of you....and for me, too :DDDDDDD

Love, Kati

pic 1.: We got back our baby-seat from my friend, I put Szabi in it... funny... a few monts ago it was big for him ...hay-yay...time flies!!!
pic 2.: Szabi used to keep his mouth like this in the past few weeks.... I am very pleased... his faced changed with it a lot!!! He makes himself mouth-therapy, I think... I hope it is useful for him!