Monday, March 19, 2007


I didn't post for a while... Szabi was ill, he is caughing yet, so he spent only 6 days in the day-care :))) Last week we had a long week-end, there was a national celebration here, so Laci could spent 4 days at home, we did our first barbecue party with friends this year!!!
The weather was beautiful, we spent a lot of time outside, prepared the garden for spring, Szabi enjoyed it very much...
He became so wilfull and dodgy, opens all door, climbs up onto the chairs and tables, if he is inside he wants to go outside, if he is outside wants to go back....huhhh, he is a real 2 years old with many types of tantrum in order to reach what he wants... Sometimes I just want to spank him, but I think it would be needless...:))))
So, there is a few new photo of him:

Being a party man :D

Just jogging...

In love with the neighbour's cat

Being sick with daddy

On the penal-sofa...thinking about what he did... :P

Love, Kati

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quick update 2

We are always in hurry.... PT and nursery, too... We were at the nursery 2 times, Szabi likes it, no crying, only when we have to go home... he gets lunch, too....these baby-menus at the nursery are gruesome: white carrot-vegetable with potatoe-puree, cheese and there was string-bean with potatoe and meat....brrrrrrrrrrr :((((((( and everything is in one plate!!!!!!!
I think Szabi is going to endure the nursery, I hope there will be no bigger problems .... knock it down... :) He didn't mind too much when he got a pat from another kid or somebody toss him away...he simply went and find another toy...or give the pat back :DDD (when the nannies didn't see it of course)

At the weekend we celebrated Szabi's birthday at my parents' house with the family, next weekend with the friends. Here is a few photo:

Love, Kati

Friday, March 02, 2007

Quick update

Sorry I didn't blog for a while.... On Tuesday and wednesday we travelled to Budapest (our capital) for a really big controll (blood, eye, teeth, heart ultrasound, kidney and belly us) and every doctor was really well-informed about ws, they saw a lot of ws-kid, so they know what are they searching for :) Every result was perfect, his SVAS didn't change anything fortunately.
If everything goes well on monday I'll take Szabi to the nursery first time.... we have to arrive at 10 and we can stay there till 12. I am so excited!!!!
Szabi has a little lympho-knot on his neck, I hope this is just a normal knot!!! The pedi said that it is normal, he had a really bad illness a month ago, maybe this is the problem or some infection is in his body now... For safety sake on monday afternnon we'll go and visit her :(

Have a nice weekend, love, Kati