Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PT at Hungary

As I promised I took a few photo yesterday to share with you how a PT goes here :) I am so curious what is the difference between therapies here and at you.
So, here are the pics:
At first a little warm-up with weights on his legs. He can walk and play with his favourite toys while watching others childrens' therapies.

Streching while swinging, after there is a short gym on the ground, a little massage etc.

Big ball, Szabi hated it a few weeks ago, nowadays this is not the favourite, but at least he tolerates it :)

Riding on the ball...

This is a swaying bench, he has to poise himself on it.
He has to walk through this hand-made seesaw not putting down his legs on the ground (to correct his wide-walking)

Climbing and/or jumping on the big ball :)

Stepping on the stairs :DDDD

Running just like mom does ...haha

This tool is like a skateboard, we used to spin and push him or he has to pull himself with his hands while he is on his belly.

And at the end of the therapy he used to do with the therapist a few somersaultes and make him to move like a barrow (on the last pic)

So, Szabi used to do these on a PT, it is a strange feeling while I look through these pics, it is so evident and natural for us to have therapies, but I am sorry that I am not on the 'other side', one of those moms who are only hearing these scary-stories about nontypical children. I can't imagine how much more time I have if we shouldn't go to these therapies.... maybe we were boring :DDDD

Love, Kati

Monday, November 20, 2006

Time goes by so fast, sometimes I really don't know 'where is my head' :)
I decided not to sit down to the computer, only if I have more than 15 minutes and I really don't have anything else to do... and here is the result: I didn't post in the last week... :(
Tomorrow I want to take the camera at PT to take some photos to you, I am so curious what is the difference between the therapies... Tomorrow is the day when I get Laci to come with us to see what his son does with the therapist. A few weeks ago I couldn't imagine that there is a day when Szabi won't roar all through the therapy... and a miracle happened, he loves it, he started to enjoy the exercises and he noticed that it is a big fun! After 5-6 months crying and roaring he became a smiling, proud little boy during the PT :)
Not to enjoy myself too much, Szabi started to have an eating-strike: the more bread and other 'dry-food' he eats, the less cooked-food he wants to eat... There was a day when he ate only his formula and only bread, biscuits (he had to be so hungry, because I didn't give him much, only to save him from the die of hunger, but he didn't want to eat his lunch), and being a silly mum I started to worry that my son starts to loose weight. After this worry I saw him eating a double portion of bean-soup with smoked trotters and I had to realize that my son begun to be simply very fastidious....duhhhhh
Bye for now, I lent the Before sunset with Ethan Hawke, I hope I'll have nice evening with this film!
Love, Kati

Monday, November 13, 2006


Hi my favourite bloggers!

10 days ago there were a big power failure across Europe and this failure blasted our computer's power supply.... that's why I didn't blog such a long time. I need a lot of time to come up with myself at blogging :))))
Good news: Szabi eats pizza, crescent, hot-sandwich, scone etc. but he still doesn't like the crumb only the outside of the bread when it is fresh :DD
So, I have one less problem...
And I needn't have to cut it into pieces, he only eats them in whole/gross.... huhhhhhh one less problem???
I don't know what is the weather like at you, but the winter came here, there is so cold, Szabi hates dressing up, every morning there is a hissy when I try to press him into his coat :) I hope it won't go on whole winter....yack....Although they are so sweet in their big winter-coats...
At mondays and fridays we started to go at a play-house, this is a place for little children with full of toys, but the parents need to stay there. I want Szabi to get used to children-screaming, he is doing great, I think. He is yet clinging on me sometimes but he is more braver and braver, I hope it is a good start for the créche.
He got a police-car from his dad (it has blue-light, siren etc.), we have to carry it everywhere, he is crazy of his niiiiiiinooooo-car:
And the best thing is that he is not just spinning the wheels, but pushing the car, hahhh, how I have waited for this!!!!
He got a little chair and table from my brothers', he loves the chair very much, since always wants to sit onto sg., he looks very funny when trying to sit onto a ball or a little box :))))))
Well, I have to go, I hope you enjoy the pictures, I try to read back your blogs, so curious what happened while I was away!!!!
Love, Kati