Thursday, June 28, 2007

Illnesses, illnesses, illnesses

Yesterday afternoon we had to go to the night duty, because Szabi had ear-infection (3rd time in 2,5 months!!!).... poor guy, the doc punctured both of his ears. He was ill since saturday, he got a virus with snivel, a day later his eyes inflamed, and now his ears.............yayyyyyyyyyyyyy
After the punction he became very happy, looked like he has nothing matter. This is the kickback of the daycare......... :(

Fortunately he bears illnesses well enough.... a few weeks ago he got a whistle and today he was blowing it nearly all day (where is the sensitive hearing in these cases?????)

A little gift for you.... it's amazing :))))

Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday I got big news from the daycare, Szabi peed in the potty.... all the other kids enthused over it, Szabi was really proud of himself. And today he did it again.... and why I have remorse??? Till yesterday I didn't have any motivation to start the potty training with him, I was thinking he isn't speaking, he can't tell me he needs to I underrated my son....and this was not the first time... Last week his nanny said that Szabi started to 'speak' in the daycare, although till that time he was in shut-up-mode. He said clearly: toy (of course in hungarian :))))) Okay, he is very vocal now, but he is babbling like a 1 yr old: baby, dad, mommy, this, that, no etc. (baba, apa, mami , ez, az, nem - in hungarian) But I thought that his only lucid word is the THIS (Szabi, what would you like, show me???? THISSSS!!!!!!!!!! = AAAAAAAAAAAAAZT!!!!!!!! )
I feel myself a little bad mom, I fell into the ws-trap :((((((((((
Of course I enthused over the potty-thing, too, I put out the potty and tried....and tried....and tried....Szabi spent only max. 10 sec on the potty and then ran away.... maybe he'll be sooner potty-trained at the daycare than at home :DDDDDD

Have a nice weekend for you, girls!!!!
Never underrate our kids :DDDDDDDDD

Love, Kati