Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Well, time flies.... it was so long ago when I posted my last update. Of course things didn't change much, but I think it's time to tell something about us.

Szabi started to speak, he has so many words, sometimes he says sentences (3-4 words: dad, please build me car, I want to got to the plaza, I can't do that etc.), so he can express himself well enough. I am stupid, beacuse I want more and more, though I know he always be a follower... behind his peers. But it is easier to know what he wants.

He is in kindergarten every day 8am-12:30, he loves it, next month we try him to sleep there... and a big surprise: he pees totally alone, goes to the toilet, pulls off his trousers, and pees like a real big boy, flushes toilet, trousers back...sometimes forget hand-washing.... :)

Zalán is getting so big, he'll be 10 months old in a few days. He is standing up on everything and everybody, laughes a lot, but he is a little devil when sg. is not going on the way he wanted.

And 2 pics of my boys with love:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today Szabi and I went to the hospital to make an ECG and a heart-ultrasound. Fortunately everything was OK :)
Morning there was a blood-test, too, I am curious for the results... hope there is no high calcium level or others...

I think it was more than enough of doctors for a long time...Szabi did well, he cried only when the docs put the ecg-tools to him, and while cupping him... :(

He is doing really well in the kindergarten, enjoys it as I see.... thanks for God!!! I bring him home after lunch and he has the nap at home because he is disposed to poop after lunch... so I put diapers onto him for the nap...yayy I hope it isn't for a lifetime ...

And a few new photo for you!

Love, Kati

Say cheeeeeeeeeeese :)

And a normal cheese...

And me with Zalán

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, I really don't have too much time nowadays, sometimes Im reading other blogs and smiling or having tears in my eyes, but I was lazy to post or comment....sorry

Szabi was starting kindergarten with 26 other kid, he loves it, no real problems up to now, only peed into his trousers first day... hahh, the others did it, too :)

A few weeks ago he decided a big, and started to riding on bicycle (of course with spare wheels) but he really enjoys it, and can bike big distances.

Speech: max. 40 words.... has some new words, but still waiting for the big breakthrough!!!!

And a few new photos for you:

Love, Kati

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Good news

Don't want to beleive it, but my son is potty trained through daytime!!!!! He comes and say mommy, poop or shows need to pee (he can't say pee in hungarian so he shows it). Yeah, one less problem before kindergarten :)

He seeems to get start to speak, he is saying yes, in, out, three and other words... I think I had a wonderful weekend!!!!

Unfortunately Zalán was finding his thumb, so he doesn't want pacifier more... :( it is easier now, but who knows when he wants to give up thumb-sucking???

Splashing with my friend's son


Dad and zalán

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, I have buisy days, end of the daycare-year.... We decided to have more therapies for Szabi during the summer, 2 OT, 2 speech and 1 PT per week and see what's happening. He just seems to begin talking, he has a few more words, but nothing really interesting. He is a big knave, sometimes I don't know what to do with him... and he capitalize it... grrrrrrrr

Potty: no diapers, only for sleeping, he knows what he has to do, BUT don't know or don't want to show/say that he'll has to pee or poop. If I ask him in every 1 hour or more often if he has to pee he shakes his head or says yes. How did you do it with your kids? How can you point out tha they have to tell mommy if they has to go to the toilet, Any suggestion???? I have onl y2,5 months to get potty trained because he cannot go to the kindergarten in diapers :(

Zalán: he is a cheeky one, very short naps in the daytime (really very short, sometime only 5 minutes!!!) but fortunately long and calm sleeping in the night. When he isn't sleeping he is smiling, playing with his hands, and the baby-toys, but don't want to be alone, so I have to be dodgy to have time for other things.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008