Friday, April 06, 2007

Well, I am too lazy to make my blog, there are days when I don't switch on my computer... I think I became a really busy mom :)

So, the news:

1. Szabi is in the day-care from 9 to 12:30 every weekday. He loves it!!!! He loves the other kids, gives them hugs and kisses, strokes them... He didn't eat anything at the day-care, he striked...but 3 days ago he started to eat and there is no way he asked for more from the celery vegetable with liver.......grrrrrrrrrr

2. I started to give him omega3 2 weeks ago and there is a good change. He eats more, became more indipendent, gives sounds all day (sometimes he was in shut-up mode for days...), became a more happy and smart kid. Maybe it is not the omega3 just the daycare...but who knows???? He started to act like a normal 2 yo kid (without speech of course...)

3. I see the changes every day in his playing, that he is observing and imitating his play mates...he is starting to use his play cars according to rules...not just spinning...

4. We bought a tricycle for him, he enjoyes it ....bye-bey stroller!!!! Of course we bought the one which has a pusher for the parent :)))))))))

A funny pic for you.... never too early.....

Love, Kati