Sunday, September 02, 2007

So, the news are:

we met another ws-family again (we are really good friends through cell phone, but that's not the same...:) They have 2 sons, the bigger is 4,5 yrs old, ws, the younger is 1,5 (and of course he doesn't have it :P The 3 children were really cute together but at the end of the weekend I only wanted to lay down to my deathbed.... I have to face that Szabi is a really-really vivacious child, nowadays I really have to concentrate how to raise and hold in him. Of course he is not speaking more, but acts like a little devil :)

This Wednesday he had his nose-tonsils out, everything went well, we had to stay at the hospital only 24 hours. I hope this surgery solves his middle-ear infections... and he got tubes into his ears, too. He behaved himself really well, I can't see any traumatic sign on him :DDDDDDDD

Have a nice week-end!