Monday, December 18, 2006


Just a few pics to let you know we are alive :)))))) Nothing interesting happened to us, we are living in the "grey" week-days....

Mum tries to force me feed myself with the spoon.... what does she thinks????? NOOOOOOO!!!

Which one? The bigger or the smaller duck???

Of course the smaller one...

Is this weight-gaining enough for mommy?

Love, Kati

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No title

Hi Girls!

Our 'perfect' babysitter got a new job.... this is my luck... :( I start to find another babysitter....grrrrrrrrr
I wrote that Szabi has an eating strike....well, I got his weight checked and he is more than 27 pounds (and 33 inches).... ha-ha-ha what a crazy mom I am :))))))))) I promised that I will never force him to eat if he isn't hungry :DDDDDD Sometimes I feel that I am not fair-minded with Szabi, because if he hasn't got ws he wouldn't be under a microscope (as someone in the blogs said...). I have ambivalent feelings because of it 1. I try not to put him under microscope 2. but I feel that I don't do enough for him, maybe I could be more hard-working with him.... 3. but I try to rear him as a totally normal child, so trying to leave him to do those things that he wants and not to fear of everything. For example eating his favourite chocolate alone????? :))))
Okay, it is not funny, but sometimes I forget where is the limit between normal and ws...
Bye for you now, I have to go to the kitcen, I smell that the cookie is ready!!!!!!
Today I took a few pic of Szabi, the weather is really cold here, but he doesn't want to wear gloves!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I really don't know what is going to be the best for us a normal créche (sorry if I use this word, but I don't know what is the difference between créche, preschool, kindergarten etc., because here there is an institute for children age 6mos-3 yrs and kindergarten 3-6 yrs). Specialists say that Szabi has to go to a normal community, but if I see it well the head of the normal créche doesn't really want it, but the integrated créche's head really wants Szabi (I know it is all about the money unfortunately...). So we are hanging between this 2 créche.... well, I really don't know...(Note: Integration doesn't work as well here as in the USA!)
But the good news is I found a really good babysitter for Szabi, she worked at the integrated créche but he started a new university that's why she got the push... She is a teacher for nontypical children, she is 28 yrs old, but her husband has a really good job so the babysittering is just a hobby for her beside studying and she really wanted to work with a nontypical child. We agreed that she will carry him to PT and OT, then back to the créche and if Szabi is ill she is at home with him!!! Hurray!!!!!! I don't dare to beleive that I have such a luck!!!
Szabi's strike on food is still on.... tomorrow I want to weight him at the doc, because I think he lost weight... he eats only heavy foods for adults (but he eats only a little portion...), spaghetti bolognese, pizza, bread, cookies, no veggies except pumpkin and courgette and no fruits!!!! I can't stuff him as a goose!!!!!
His favourite nonfood is kuki which is extrudated corn with oil and salt, it has got a funny name with 2 meanings: 1. corny 2. weenie, so it's so funny when I ask in a supermarket where can I find the weenie :DDDDD
Here is Szabi with his favourite weenie :)
And I nearly forgot about Cheerios :))))))
Did you know that Cheerios is more delicious from a potty?
And he is acting like a little soldier :
Bye for now, I hope everyone has a nice week!!!
Ps.: Congratulations to Daven and his mom for the hardworking and the result!!!! :))))))