Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, it was a long time since I posted, but unfortunately I have to lie by, because my cervix was shortening... I am in the 33. week, I hope we'll hold on for at least 4 weeks!!!
Szabi is doing well as usually, he loves daycare, has a few really cute buddies. He acts like a total 3 yrs old, wants to do everything alone: eating alone, peeing alone in the potty while he is standing :)))), doesn't want help while playing or walking on steps, just want to do everything ALONE!!!! Exhaustive....
I know he'll be able to go to kindergarten in september (in Hungary there is daycare 0-3 yrs and kindergarten 3-6 yrs old), the terms are potty-trained and eating alone, no speaking is no obstruction... but I really have to think it over.... His favourite buddy, Claudia (who is a beautiful hungarian-italian little girl) is going to the same kindergarten, where I want to enroll Szabi. He likes her very much and this little girl is mothering Szabi all day :))))) This is a plus point to the kindergarten. Second: the kindergarten is at the end of our street, only have to walk 5 minutes (to the daycare we have to go by car!) Third: Szabi is a typical example, he acts like the other kids around him, so if he stays in a group where everybody is younger than him, there wouldn't be kids who are "pulling him up to the normal" if you know what I mean....
But: if everybody is cleverer and skilfuler than him, wouldn't it be harmful??? And another BUT: in his group there will be only children at age 3-4 yrs, and I intend to let him int the little group for 2 years, and let him step into the middle group and big group after 1-1 year.
I have half a year to decide what to do, but the enrolls are in March!
I envy you, that you don't have to make decisions like this such an early age... :))))
And my little boy is not speaking yet............ he uses baby-language when he wants, babbles fluently if he wants, telling a few main words like daddy, mom, no, yes, good, animal sounds, some names but still waiting for the big breakthrough!