Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today Szabi and I went to the hospital to make an ECG and a heart-ultrasound. Fortunately everything was OK :)
Morning there was a blood-test, too, I am curious for the results... hope there is no high calcium level or others...

I think it was more than enough of doctors for a long time...Szabi did well, he cried only when the docs put the ecg-tools to him, and while cupping him... :(

He is doing really well in the kindergarten, enjoys it as I see.... thanks for God!!! I bring him home after lunch and he has the nap at home because he is disposed to poop after lunch... so I put diapers onto him for the nap...yayy I hope it isn't for a lifetime ...

And a few new photo for you!

Love, Kati

Say cheeeeeeeeeeese :)

And a normal cheese...

And me with Zalán