Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am pleased

Huhh, everything was OK yesterday, Szabi did his best: he was a smiley, pleasant kid, brought his books to the nanny, pointed out the babies from a magazine, climbed up between us while we were talking, brought wooden spoons and a can opener from the kitchen etc. I was so proud. The nanny was so pleased, too, she said she thinks there will be no problem with Szabi in the preschool. We will start the 'preschool training' on 5th march, and if everything goes well after 2 weeks we can try if Szabi takes his nap in the preschool. I am so excited!!!!
This morning we went to the preschool to meet his therapists....well, they were very-very sweetie....TOO sweetie (but under the smiling faces I felt the tenseness and what they think really)! But: Szabi gets 2*1 hour OT a week, it will be a group-therapy with 4 other kids, plus he gets 1 hour OT, too but that time he'll be alone. Plus: he gets speech therapy, too!!!! And our PT doesn't change, the preschool has no physicotherapist, Szabi loves his PT, I am so pleased that we needn't change her!!!
So the point is: I am totally satisfied now with the changes!

Ps.: Szabi did 2 milestones in the last week: reached all the door handles, so he can open every door and he can climb up to the sofa (these were the highest points which he couldn't reach by now in our house :). Maybe he grow a few centimeters plus being much tactician :DDD After a few months of doing nothing interesting he started to develop. So, moms, don't give up, our kids can surprise us suddenly :))))))))))

Do you think this little man is up to some hanky-panky???

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Keep your fingers crossed fro us, girls, this afternoon Szabi's nanny from the preschool is going to visit our family.... She asked me to inform her about the ws, this will be the first time when I have to explain ws to someone, I wrote a little list for help :D
When I met her my first impression was that she looks like if someone mixed a a chef, a soldier and a Brunhilda (a farmer-girl) from Germany.... :) She is a little bit tremendous, but loves children. I am a little bit nervous... I cleaned up the house while Szabi has his nap, now I run and wash my hair :DDDD
Tomorrow I'll be cleverer, going to report my experiences!!!
Love from Kati and Szabi (who is 'reading' with daddy)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yesterday we went to the neurologicist just to controll Szabi's development... The doc surprised me, he said that we needn't have to come back for controls, only if we need some paper, but he is very happy when he sees Szabi is doing well, but that's all. There were no examinations or tests, just wrote a memo that Szabi is walking stably but his moving is a little lumpy and he is not speaking yet. I don't know if I jump for joy ( -1 doc!!!) or be frustrated.
Today we went to the preschool, too, I was very proud of Szabi, he took his nanny's hand and walk into the room with her, looked at the children and in the next second he walked away for play. He looked at me a few times while I was speaking with the nanny, when I called him he came to me but he wasn't so happy while we left the preschool :)))))) Official his first day will be 5th March. All of his groupmates are healthy, cute kids, I hope that it is the best choice for him. He'll get OT twice a week just as now, but his therapists will change. I try not to worry about this, because I think he didn't make a big friendship with his 2 OT, he is only love with his PT (but fortunately she won't change). His OT will be in the preschool, I am not contented with it, but I have no other chioce if I want him in a healthy group. Before the ws diagnosis we were here a few times for PT, but I felt that these therapist were a little regretful and disdainful with us. When the ws turned out they wanted me to give Szabi into their preschool in the injured group. I said no, so I think there will be a little stress between us....but I don't mind... in the worst case they won't do anything with Szabi :DDDDD He'll take this 2 hours per week with them, I think.
The good news it that I have 77 days time off work, I'll go back to work on 8th March, but with this holiday I have to go back only the end of June!!!! My boss said that he'll be happy if I'll be on holiday in July ( I have 25 days time off remained in 2007) so if everything goes well I have to work only from 18th July!!!! Hurray!!!!!!! Of course my boss asked if we want another baby.... I said yes, the sooner we can, it'll be the best for us and the best for my workplace, too (not to go back and have a baby after a year for example). he wasn't so surprised, he didn't get a shock or anything else ;)
Okay, no more news today, but here are a few pic for you!!!
1. Szabi helps cleaning up
2. Reading with daddy
3. Tea-time!