Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer fun with Laura

At the weekend the weather was perfect for a little garden-bath party with our neighbours' daughter, Laura :)))))))

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sorry that I didn't blog for a while...I just didn't feel the motivation to sit down and write something... meanwhile I looked your blogs, but I couldn't write down a line, either....maybe I had a 'creative crisis'.... :)

Nancy: I really enjoyed your slideshows and thoughts of the day :) I am so happy that Erik loves hippotherapy and he is so cute on the horse!!!! Give a big hug and kiss to Erik in the name of Szabi!!! I hope your blog entries win a prize, I am so proud of you, you are a really good writer!!! And yes, you are not alone...I'm really waiting for more info about Sophie's run...

Aspen: Daven looks great in his walker, soon he is going to run!!!! I'm just wondering how this little man started to make big milestones.... I wish you more and more beautiful days in the future, he is beautiful!!! So proud of him eating mandarins...I wish Szabi would do it, too :P I am so excited about his speech... I bet he'll start to speak sooner than my son....yayyy

Kerry: you really touched me with Brady's walk...you have a super family and friends, did you know this? Really enjoyed the photos of Brady, he gets cuter and cuter! You handled the ws thing with Michael perfectly...congratulations!!!

Teresa: CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that everything went well... Clare looks like who is in love with his younger brother on the pic, doesn't she? I wish you calm nights and beautiful days with this 3 little ones :))))))

Amy: I am happy to hear Avery is doing well! Avery is so close to walking and talking as I noticed.... Keep it up!!! :) I hope you had more lunch (or supper???) date with this mysterious gentleman :))))))

Lisa: Tatum is beautiful!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that everything went well with her eye surgeryand she is recovering soon!!! She looks like a little angel with her curly hair :D ...and yes, she looks older...but still a cute little girl!!!!!!!!!

Matthew's Lisa: I am sorry that you didn't update your blog (maybe you are in a creative crisis, like me ;)))))))))

Kim: So happy that Ava is doing well....her eyes are beautiful and I have to say, I am jaundiced about her language skills :))) For the matter Szabi's feet are the same as Ava's and it didn't cause any problem while walking....

Nicole: Good luck with the house-building, hope everything is going well!!! I missed you...maybe you can update soon!

Noel: Hohoooo what a great school! Abi is beautiful on the pics...I'm glad you had the new camera to make these pics!!! They are all wonderful!!!Abi is so cute with the baby.... :)

Penny: love the new pics... I always see Szabi in Keith (of course a few years later)...I love him!!!! :)

Jessica: can you upload a few pics of Gage? I hope he recovered soon after the surgery!

Gina: Gianna became a really pretty girl, she is very beautiful :))))))))))

Well, about Szabi: nothing changed, he had a really ferine cold which ended up with an ear-infection.... he wasn't in his day-care for 3 weeks.....huhhh...maybe I have to start the training-in once again???? He becomes interactive and slippy every day, 1 day 1 bruise :)))))))))
No real words yet, but he gets closer and closer to say sg. meaningful :)