Monday, December 18, 2006


Just a few pics to let you know we are alive :)))))) Nothing interesting happened to us, we are living in the "grey" week-days....

Mum tries to force me feed myself with the spoon.... what does she thinks????? NOOOOOOO!!!

Which one? The bigger or the smaller duck???

Of course the smaller one...

Is this weight-gaining enough for mommy?

Love, Kati

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

No title

Hi Girls!

Our 'perfect' babysitter got a new job.... this is my luck... :( I start to find another babysitter....grrrrrrrrr
I wrote that Szabi has an eating strike....well, I got his weight checked and he is more than 27 pounds (and 33 inches).... ha-ha-ha what a crazy mom I am :))))))))) I promised that I will never force him to eat if he isn't hungry :DDDDDD Sometimes I feel that I am not fair-minded with Szabi, because if he hasn't got ws he wouldn't be under a microscope (as someone in the blogs said...). I have ambivalent feelings because of it 1. I try not to put him under microscope 2. but I feel that I don't do enough for him, maybe I could be more hard-working with him.... 3. but I try to rear him as a totally normal child, so trying to leave him to do those things that he wants and not to fear of everything. For example eating his favourite chocolate alone????? :))))
Okay, it is not funny, but sometimes I forget where is the limit between normal and ws...
Bye for you now, I have to go to the kitcen, I smell that the cookie is ready!!!!!!
Today I took a few pic of Szabi, the weather is really cold here, but he doesn't want to wear gloves!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I really don't know what is going to be the best for us a normal créche (sorry if I use this word, but I don't know what is the difference between créche, preschool, kindergarten etc., because here there is an institute for children age 6mos-3 yrs and kindergarten 3-6 yrs). Specialists say that Szabi has to go to a normal community, but if I see it well the head of the normal créche doesn't really want it, but the integrated créche's head really wants Szabi (I know it is all about the money unfortunately...). So we are hanging between this 2 créche.... well, I really don't know...(Note: Integration doesn't work as well here as in the USA!)
But the good news is I found a really good babysitter for Szabi, she worked at the integrated créche but he started a new university that's why she got the push... She is a teacher for nontypical children, she is 28 yrs old, but her husband has a really good job so the babysittering is just a hobby for her beside studying and she really wanted to work with a nontypical child. We agreed that she will carry him to PT and OT, then back to the créche and if Szabi is ill she is at home with him!!! Hurray!!!!!! I don't dare to beleive that I have such a luck!!!
Szabi's strike on food is still on.... tomorrow I want to weight him at the doc, because I think he lost weight... he eats only heavy foods for adults (but he eats only a little portion...), spaghetti bolognese, pizza, bread, cookies, no veggies except pumpkin and courgette and no fruits!!!! I can't stuff him as a goose!!!!!
His favourite nonfood is kuki which is extrudated corn with oil and salt, it has got a funny name with 2 meanings: 1. corny 2. weenie, so it's so funny when I ask in a supermarket where can I find the weenie :DDDDD
Here is Szabi with his favourite weenie :)
And I nearly forgot about Cheerios :))))))
Did you know that Cheerios is more delicious from a potty?
And he is acting like a little soldier :
Bye for now, I hope everyone has a nice week!!!
Ps.: Congratulations to Daven and his mom for the hardworking and the result!!!! :))))))

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PT at Hungary

As I promised I took a few photo yesterday to share with you how a PT goes here :) I am so curious what is the difference between therapies here and at you.
So, here are the pics:
At first a little warm-up with weights on his legs. He can walk and play with his favourite toys while watching others childrens' therapies.

Streching while swinging, after there is a short gym on the ground, a little massage etc.

Big ball, Szabi hated it a few weeks ago, nowadays this is not the favourite, but at least he tolerates it :)

Riding on the ball...

This is a swaying bench, he has to poise himself on it.
He has to walk through this hand-made seesaw not putting down his legs on the ground (to correct his wide-walking)

Climbing and/or jumping on the big ball :)

Stepping on the stairs :DDDD

Running just like mom does ...haha

This tool is like a skateboard, we used to spin and push him or he has to pull himself with his hands while he is on his belly.

And at the end of the therapy he used to do with the therapist a few somersaultes and make him to move like a barrow (on the last pic)

So, Szabi used to do these on a PT, it is a strange feeling while I look through these pics, it is so evident and natural for us to have therapies, but I am sorry that I am not on the 'other side', one of those moms who are only hearing these scary-stories about nontypical children. I can't imagine how much more time I have if we shouldn't go to these therapies.... maybe we were boring :DDDD

Love, Kati

Monday, November 20, 2006

Time goes by so fast, sometimes I really don't know 'where is my head' :)
I decided not to sit down to the computer, only if I have more than 15 minutes and I really don't have anything else to do... and here is the result: I didn't post in the last week... :(
Tomorrow I want to take the camera at PT to take some photos to you, I am so curious what is the difference between the therapies... Tomorrow is the day when I get Laci to come with us to see what his son does with the therapist. A few weeks ago I couldn't imagine that there is a day when Szabi won't roar all through the therapy... and a miracle happened, he loves it, he started to enjoy the exercises and he noticed that it is a big fun! After 5-6 months crying and roaring he became a smiling, proud little boy during the PT :)
Not to enjoy myself too much, Szabi started to have an eating-strike: the more bread and other 'dry-food' he eats, the less cooked-food he wants to eat... There was a day when he ate only his formula and only bread, biscuits (he had to be so hungry, because I didn't give him much, only to save him from the die of hunger, but he didn't want to eat his lunch), and being a silly mum I started to worry that my son starts to loose weight. After this worry I saw him eating a double portion of bean-soup with smoked trotters and I had to realize that my son begun to be simply very fastidious....duhhhhh
Bye for now, I lent the Before sunset with Ethan Hawke, I hope I'll have nice evening with this film!
Love, Kati

Monday, November 13, 2006


Hi my favourite bloggers!

10 days ago there were a big power failure across Europe and this failure blasted our computer's power supply.... that's why I didn't blog such a long time. I need a lot of time to come up with myself at blogging :))))
Good news: Szabi eats pizza, crescent, hot-sandwich, scone etc. but he still doesn't like the crumb only the outside of the bread when it is fresh :DD
So, I have one less problem...
And I needn't have to cut it into pieces, he only eats them in whole/gross.... huhhhhhh one less problem???
I don't know what is the weather like at you, but the winter came here, there is so cold, Szabi hates dressing up, every morning there is a hissy when I try to press him into his coat :) I hope it won't go on whole winter....yack....Although they are so sweet in their big winter-coats...
At mondays and fridays we started to go at a play-house, this is a place for little children with full of toys, but the parents need to stay there. I want Szabi to get used to children-screaming, he is doing great, I think. He is yet clinging on me sometimes but he is more braver and braver, I hope it is a good start for the créche.
He got a police-car from his dad (it has blue-light, siren etc.), we have to carry it everywhere, he is crazy of his niiiiiiinooooo-car:
And the best thing is that he is not just spinning the wheels, but pushing the car, hahhh, how I have waited for this!!!!
He got a little chair and table from my brothers', he loves the chair very much, since always wants to sit onto sg., he looks very funny when trying to sit onto a ball or a little box :))))))
Well, I have to go, I hope you enjoy the pictures, I try to read back your blogs, so curious what happened while I was away!!!!
Love, Kati

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stupid things

At last week Szabi's OT asked me if I can teach Szabi at home how to blow... She said it would be useful for him. I know it myself, too, but it is not as easy as they think. She said we can try to blow candles or shoap-bubbles. Well, at Dóri's (my brother's daughter) birtday party Szabi wanted to touch that luckless candle or at least he wanted to taste it :))))
At home we tried the bubbles of course without any result, Szabi is very interested in touching them or takes apart the whole set, but that's all :))))

And of course on the bubbler-set there is a warning: don't use it with children under 3 :DDDD ha-ha.... I always have to laugh when I try to force Szabi to do sg. which isn't allowed or normal or usual at his age....
I decided to buy pencils, Play-doh, little chair and table for him and try to play with him as a big-boy, I am really curious how it'll work. Soon he has to go to a normal créche and there are only chairs and tables for them at meals, and little beds - not cribs, but I beleive if he sees the other children he'll do the same things as they.... Other moms said that our kids can imitate other kids very well :)
And a really good news: at least he is able to use his forefinger in normal use: if I ask him for example where is the kitten in a book he points out proudly... another milestone :)))))) although a plenty few months later than normal :(((( Sometimes I really give way to despair!
Love, Kati

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy tears

Two days ago I complained why-Szabi-doesn't-eat-bread :) Today at dinner we ate hot-sandwiches, Szabi simply got out a piece of it from my plate and started to eat it. He did it that kind of empathy if he loves bread and he used to do this everday :D ha-ha ... I wish every problem could solve themselves this soon!!!!!!!! I felt that tears got in my eyes while looking at him with bread in his mouth... What a little thing is enough for happiness :)))))))
No other exciting thing happened to us, I cought a cold last week but I am better, now Laci is ill, but Szabi is well fortunately... I don't know how these little guys can do it!
The weather is unusually warm here, it is 70 °F and sunny, we try to enjoy these last wonderful days. Szabi is outside almost all day, nowadays he loves to discover the nature with spiders, leaf, grass and so on.
The bad news is that we have to go to the orthopaedics to take a look at his feet, beause he has a very big splay-foot, it is not a big trouble but it effects his knees and hips, and if he isn't wearing orthopaedic shoes he'll has X-feet... :(
Love to all of you!!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bad day

Today wasn't the best day in my life. When I woke up everything was OK, but after OT we were walking by a kindergarten with Szabi, a few kids came to us and they were standing by the fence. They were so cute, Szabi was smiling at them, they were smiling, too and were spoking to me. Suddenly a little boy came to us and said: Yeah, he has very funny teeth! I wondered that it didn't hurt me and I wasn't angry about it or sg. else. But it bitched my day. In my mind suddenly appeared one of Ava's grandma's blog, the 'What if...' and I felt myself more and more worse... I have to face a few things what I didn't want to own up to myself: eating problems for example. Half a year ago it was not too bad, Szabi did his meals well, but since he didn't develop too much, he eats lumpy food, but with sauce only, he doesn't eat bread or 'dry' foods only cookies, salty sticks and so on... And the nights: he was a very good sleeper, and he is a good sleeper now, too, but he only falls asleep at 9 pm and wake up at 7-7:30 am, I think it isn't enough for a 1,5 yr old little boy. After lunch he has a 3 hours long nap, which I have to shorten, today I woked up him after 1,5 hour, but he is not sleeping now, although I put him in his crib at 7:20 pm and now it is 8:20... He is not crying or sg. like this, simply he is not sleeping... I cannot beleive this!!! I hope that the clock-retooling wil be good for us and I can exploit it.
And his speach! He says nothing meaningful, he makes the sounds so strange, but at least if he has cheerfulness he is using baby-language, of course with so strange sounds and noises, but most of the time he is in 'shut-up-mode' as Nancy used to write at Erik :)
Okey, girls, I feel a little better now, that I could complained to you :))))))
I better go and watch my favourite series, the Mc Leods' daughters...
Love, Kati (and Szabi who is not sleeping yet!!!!! ggrrrrrrrr)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No time...

Hi Girls!

I didn't write for a week, but it is not because I don't feel it necessary or I don't love you, it's just because we are very busy and try to enjoy the last sunny autunm-days. Nothing interesting happened to us, Szabi is very cheerful, at least he started to like his P-therapist and he doesn't cry at the gyms. He becomes more and more impish and naughty day by day, but I am so thankful for it: sometimes forgot that he has ws :)
His favourite toy nowdays is the claping butterfly, he fell in love with this butterfly so much that the little girl, who lives at next door, gave it to him:

His other favoutite toy is my brother's older daughter, Dóri, who is 10 yrs old, I think he is in love with her, he always stroking her hair, wants to sit/walk/stand etc. with her:

Fortunately they are living not far from us, so they can see each other every week, Dóri is so proud of herself that she is such a big girl, Szabi is so proud of being with such a big girl :DDDD

Bye for now, I have to prepare Szabi to the next PT (and I hope he won't cry nor this time, it is much more comfortable to be there for an hour without roaring :))))

Love, I go and read your blogs, too, I'm curious what happened to you!!!!


Monday, October 09, 2006


At least I had a little time and I could read your blogs! Huh, a lot of things happened to you, girls, first of all congratulations to Erik on his birthday and kisses to Clare for the successfull surgery! And of course big hugs to all of you!!!!!!!!
Szabi has a nap, so I have a little time to write before I go and start to cook :( I don't know how you feel about it, but I don't really like it, namely I don't like the dishes after cooking...
To freak you out I want to tell you what is the kids' favourite goody here, in Hungary, and of course Szabi is crazy for it too: we call it chocolate coated cottage cheese finger, it is sweet cottage chesse covered with milk or plain chocolate and we have to keep it in the fridge, it is a 'hungaricum'.. Most of the foreign people find it very interesting, but they don't like it :)
I used to chop it up and Szabi eats the final morsels, too (it is a really good therapy, isn't is???? :)))
Hmmmmm, it is so delicious, mommy!

I don't know how could I do it, but Szabi isn't eat with spoon himself, I have to feed him with it... I don't like if everything is dirty from his meal, so I don't want him to fumble in it with his hands... If I force him to eat with spoon himself, he is eating only 1/4 or 1/2 portion than he used to... So, girls, do you have any idea to endear the self-feeding with Szabi???
And a question to all of you. Do your kids have bigger hands and/or feet? Szabi has big hands (just see the pictures above...) and feet, everybody says he will be a really big man, his dad is very tall, too. I saw somewhere that ws-kids have puffy hands, but only puufy or big, too? Funny, most kids are smaller... sometimes I envy you, who have smaller kids, I think it isn't so conspicouos that they are not so skillfull that othet kids in their age. Szabi becomes more and more expert in walking and standing up but he is light years from other kids... :( It is very conspicous because he is nearly bigger and heavier than kids in his age :DDD ha-ha what a paradox!!!
Big hugs and kisses to all of you from Kati and Szabi:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The little mischief

Every time when the silence is too big I could be sure that Szabi does something mischief... He knows what is permitted or not to him, but he always wants to step through the limits. Yesterday evening we were at the kitchen with Laci, Szabi was in the living-room. Of course he switched on and off the TV with the remote control, but we had 10 minutes to speak with each other, so we allowed him to do it. But he didn't come out to us after a few minutes as he used to do... I went to the room and he was super-proud of himself:

A few miniutes later his dad started to play with him, they were such crazy, I don't know which of them were the biggest kid :))))

Monday, October 02, 2006


Yesterday we went to the zoo with Szabi, the weather was beautiful, but there were a million people there, we couldn't get near to the main animals, so Szabi's favoutite was the pig and the bunny :) He didn't like parrots, he got frightened of their voice:

Oh, I nearly forgot, he loved the giant tortoises!!! Apart from playing with the gravels, he was in Laci's or my hands...huhhh, he is so heavy, nearly 26 lbs, I feel stiff in my arms now!!!!

Today we were at the Early Intervention Centre and got this year's plan what to intervent... There are a lot of goals to reach, I am a little bit frustrated thatthere are so many things to do (for example: saying hello, please etc., get on and off main clothes, 'peel off from mom', because he is very 'mommied' and so on... I hope we can do at least the main things... :)

And a bad news (for me): Szabi is able to open the fridge!!! I have to get a baby-lock on it, he loves to open it again and again:

And he is so proud of himself to get something out of it!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Learning from other moms

I am always learning from other moms, leastwise they formulate those thoughts which I can't.... Reading the blogs I find a newer part of myself every day.
I realize that I don't have enough time, or maybe I use my time not well enough. (Should I have to do sg. other than sitting in front of the computer and read blogs???? :)))))
Every OT or PT is before noon, so our half-day is vanish. I don't have enough time to do some shopping, being with other moms pushing the strollers in the city or simply 'bum' somewhere. I have a little feeling that I don't belong to nowhere, I can't spend enough time with moms with typical kids and I surmount the temptation to make deep friendship with nontypical children's moms. My heart is so unstable, I don't need to be always in a distressed situation with one more nontypical children :) Okay, these are only thoughts, the thruth is that I started to speak a lot with another mom whom I met at swimming pool and turned out that we are at the same place at PT. She has a very handsome son with wonderful light-blond hair, he is 2 yrs old, but cannot walk. I don't know the exact problem, but I am not curious for that.
I was a buisy mom till we didn't get the ws-result, before it I had programmes every day with another mom. Since we can only meet rarely and I am so sorry about that. She accepted Szabi as he is, she loves him, she has no baffling questions, knows (or have an idea) what I was going through. It was very comfortable for me. I need someone to meet sometimes with, I don't like myself as a lonely mom, I think nowadays this is my main problem. Maybe this is the cause why I said to Laci, OK, let's go to Naples for 3 yrs. I always protested going to foreign countries, but I think this is the right time to do it. You know he is a soldier and he has to go to other countries sometimes, in a 2 yrs time for 6 months, maybe into Kosovo or Afghanistan, Iraq??? OR: he can go with the family for 2-4 yrs to Naples, Brusseles, Germany, Turkish etc. Maybe it would be the best for us. Of course we have to lobby for that, but we do our best. If we can find the perfect person, we can go to the USA, too, it would be funny to meet personally with you, wouldn't it? :DDDDDD
I did a few pics yesterday just for you:
1. hide and seek with the curtain 1.
2. hide and seek 2.
3. he is always running everywhere
4. favourite loveable toy...
Okay, let's finish my blog: at 10-11 we were at OT, Szabi was extra sensitive, he had no taste for doing anything which is useful for him, this was the first time when he cried at the Early Intervention Centre. I don't know why, maybe he doesn't like his new therapist (nor do I...)... Fortunately she is not the only one, Szabi is in love with his other therapist!
After OT we went to do a little shopping, a new C&A opened not far from the EIC, so we did a little by-pass before I drove home. I met another mom while shopping, I know her from the center. It is a crazy thing that our city is not too small (166.000 people live in it + 100.000 students) and everywhere I meet familiar moms who are take their children early inventerventioning... There are too many nontypical kids? Her daughter is only 1 month older than Szabi but she is on the nearly same developement-level. I don't know what is worse, knowing that your child is nontypical and you have a diagnosis, or you suspect that sg. is wrong, but you don't have a diagnosis and you want your child to be typical. I saw the fear and hope in her eyes.... she looked at Szabi (she knows he has ws) after looked at her daughter and I noticed that her thoughts can be like this: this is a little "R" boy... but he is walking, talking, eating etc. better than my healthy daughter... how could it happened?... maybe my daughter is nontypical kid... or worse.... "R"????
Sometimes I am dismaled after this kind of chattings, but I am starting to get used to them. The world is far not perfect... 3 years ago my world was so perfect, a lot of people envied us. 3 years ago my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer-disease, she was only 59 yrs old then, after Szabi was diagnosed with ws, then my dad had cath in his heart. I hope this is the end of the misadventure and in my life only good things can happen to us. I try to be positive :)
Love, Kati

Friday, September 22, 2006

New blog...

Hi Girls!

As you noticed, my blog died... I don't know why and when, but it did...I tried to repair it, after an hour I hope it works again (of course I had to delete all the posts...)

This is Szabi's new hobby: collecting fridge-magnets. He is crazy of them, just sticking them on the fridge and he suprises when the magnets don't stick on the wall or on the kitchen-furniture :)
He is a real 'feller' he likes to walk with sg. in his mouth (his dad was crazy of keeping toothipick in his mouth, but I think this is such a hick-habit that he ended up it very soon :D ha-ha)
And a good news: today one of our friend's daughter came into the world, she was born an hour ago, she is a very big baby, 4,2 kg (about 9 pounds!!!) and 53 cm. 3 weeks ago another little girl was born at another friend, but she came a little bit early at the 34th week and only 1,8 kg (4,1 pounds) and 43 cm. Girls, girls, girls everywhere :)))
I am very jaundiced, they have newborn babies, and they are all healthy! Sometimes I am ashamed of myself, I have thoughts like why just me, I hope someone has a not 100% healthy baby and so on... I was always an optimistic and kind person, what happened to me? I know that if Szabi was a typical child I'd rejoice much more in baby-borns. I try to find back to myself, because I noticed that there are times when I can't really rejoice in anything...
I put up a really ws-like photo of Szabi to the old-blog before it died, and I put it on once more, I am crazy of this photo despite all of the ws-characters, and I'd like to put it out to my new main-page...

Love, Kati