Monday, January 29, 2007


Szabi was very ill at the weekend, I think he never was so ill in his life. Fever, cough (which caused puke).... so he got antibiotics and now he got well, but is not on the top... He was clinging on me all day, and he felt himself so wretchedly that my heart broke again and again.
Today was the first day when he is up to sg. bad :))) Recovery!!!!
While he was ill he indulged in watching Sesame street on tv. I always hated this series...ha-ha....sometimes I think that Szabi is the opposite of me, he likes/hates the opposite things that I do. He is crazy for cats, I don't love them, but there are dozens of cats here...and every cat is running through our garden...huhhhh!
Here is a pic of him while watching Sesame street:

Have to got, I have a lot og things to do, which weren't done at the weekend!

Love, Kati

Monday, January 22, 2007

Curious little boy

I became a little more optimistic in the past 1-2 weeks because Szabi discovered that if he points onto sg. his crazy mom and dad say the name of the thing. So this little man goes to anywhere with his forefinger and points, looks and memorizes...and again, other thing, points, looks, memorizes.... I'm in love with him but this kind of play sometimes a little boring (and nerve-racking... for example when he is in his high chair and instead of eating he points table, chair, plate, glass, spoon, wall, shelf, lamp one ofter one...and again...and again... and if I stop he became resentful... with smaller or bigger hissy, of course :DDDDDD But I am so proud of him, because I see that he's gonna speak sometime in the future!!!!! Up to this time he pointed out for only our asking 'where is the dog, cat????' etc., but now this is some other! He became curious for the name of the things.... or maybe he only enjoys that he controls his parents' speech?
Love, Kati

Friday, January 12, 2007


Hi Girls!

Sorry, I didn't blog for a while, but I think I had a mini depression :) Plus I got a really nice virus for my stomach, too, so I wasn't in a good mood in the past few weeks... :D
The things didn't change a lot, no more activities at Szabi, he isn't speaking yet, only says 'DADDY'... of course in hungarian... :D (it sounds like appa) But he does it with such a big empathy that his dad falls in love with him again and again...
You know, that I am so realist, but 3 days ago there was a news in the TV, what hit my heart... The story was about artificial genes. It doesn't mean anything interesting for me, I know that it would be very useful in the future, but doesn't help for my child. BUT: the shock came when I realized that all over the world there are a lot of research on artificial genes, but there is one, which is close enough to start the animal-tests... just a note before I say what caused a little shock to me: hungarian people are good at math, physics, chemistry and other natural sciences, for example the inventor of the vitamin C, dynamo, match or nowadays the oil-eater bacteriums, and unfortunately one of those scientists were hungarian, too, who made the first atom-bomb...
So, get to business: this research runs in Hungary, and exactly in Szeged, the town where I live, and the research-center is only a few streets down from us... We usually walk by the center every day...
I was in tears... to know that maybe in the future somebody can heal (or anticipate) this syndrome, but this research isn't useful for us, it can't heal my son... It was the last drop in the glass, I felt myself so miserable that never in my life.
A day after this incient I was in the grocery with Szabi and met a 12-13 nontypical boy with his dad. He had a very hoarse voice and enthuses over everything (literally!!!)... so he could be Szabi in 10 years... he waved to Szabi while they were standing behind us at the cassa and he was speaking and speaking and speaking.... his dad started to be angry, the other people started to feel themselves comfortless and suddenly a 4 yrs old girl asked his dad: look dad, there is that boy... isn't he hungarian? His dad asked why. He is speaking so strange - replied the little girl. Is he ill? I didn't hear what was the answer.... I saw our future for a second. Maybe we are going to get used to these situations... But what if Szabi will ask me: why I am not like other children? What will be my answer?
I can state bravely, that this week wasn't the best week in my life... Oh, I nearly forgot: the normal créche didn't keep up a place for Szabi, and we have to go to the integrated créche, fortunately in the healthy group, but this fight and at last the defeat was very dismal for me.
I wish a very happy and peaceful weekend to all of you....and for me, too :DDDDDDD

Love, Kati

pic 1.: We got back our baby-seat from my friend, I put Szabi in it... funny... a few monts ago it was big for him ...hay-yay...time flies!!!
pic 2.: Szabi used to keep his mouth like this in the past few weeks.... I am very pleased... his faced changed with it a lot!!! He makes himself mouth-therapy, I think... I hope it is useful for him!