Monday, July 30, 2007

Catch me if you can

Just a short video for you: catch me if you can mommy and a few kisses for you, girls :)))))))
Sorry, there is no sound....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Holiday and work...yayyy

So...I'm back to work.... I forgot how tiring is sitting in an office from 7:30 am to 4 pm. So strange that I usually arrive home at 4:30 pm and I have only a few hours before Szabi goes to bed. When I leave in the morning he is sleeping.... Laci has 3 more weeks on holiday, he has a hard time, too, he was never be with Szabi for such a long time :)))))))

The bad news is that on 29th august Szabi has his nose-tonsils out. Yayyyy! Next week Laci has appointments with the doc and the anesthesiologist, too. Poor devil...

I hope after the surgery there will be less sicks...

We are trying to start potty-training, sometimes it works, sometimes not. More and more frequently Szabi catches his diapers when he has pee, so he knows what's going on... When he is naked he always looks what is flowing down :D I hope at the end of summer we can get a few pees into the potty during the day.

I make you known (I am very proud :))) that we put Szabi's baby bed to the attic, and he sleeps in his new big bed for more than 4 weeks! (-1 week when we were on holiday and carried his travell-bed). So we were on holiday last week at lake Blataon. The weather was hot (too hot), we were at the beach all day except nap-time. Szabi enjoyed water very much, but not the splashing part for children, he always wanted to be in the big water with us.

Fortunately he behaved himslef very very well, he was a little sweetie, maybe because there were 5 girls (age 7-11) who pampered him all day (at the end of the holiday he started to abuse with their loves...;)

We had a perfect holiday, but there is no place like home! If I'll have time at the weekend, I'll post more photos!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This was a perfect weekend.... finally we met again with another ws family. They live in the capital, not too far from us, but you know, it's difficult to manage a whole weekend when none of the kids are sick :))

They are a very friendly couple, have twins: Lili is a beautiful little girl and David is the loveable boy with ws. They are a little more than 3.5 yrs old.

The weekend was very stirring, full of laughing, crying, fighting, hair-pulling and others :))))))

Enjoy the photos!!!