Friday, November 30, 2007

It's a boy!!!!

Yesterday I was at the doc to make the 19th week US....and yes, Szabi'll have a little brother :)))))))) He showed his willy (am I saying it right?) very well to us :D

This week was really cold and rainy, so I went to a playing-house with Szabi and a 2 other little one (and with her mums, of course). The kids really enjoyed the tons of toys and I really enjoyed that I could sit down and relax... Szabi found the duplo and lego-tables, so I had nothing to do...

After we got home and my brother came to visit us with his family (just as every friday and saturday... :))))) Szabi is in love with their bigger daughter, Dori (12) and they played a really big, there was no problem with bed-time...ha-ha

A few weeks ago Szabi's nanny in the daycare decided to put Szabi on big-kid menu (ages 2,5 and up). Well, I really didn't want to beleive, but Szabi is doing well, he eats almost alone (except soup), and loves it! Fortunately he likes the daycare-menu..... sometimes I think he loves it better than my cooking..... He started to eat pears, and he is crazy about mandarine and orange. I don't know how many mandarins he would able to eat, but I am afraid to give him more than 5 whole fruit :P

I bought a potty with music (it plays the "if you happy ...clap your hands.....sorry, I don't know the english version), maybe he'll have more motivation to get potty-trained.... there is no results yet....

I looked at Avery's blog and I have a comment: I really don't know that testing our children in such an early age is good for us. I mean that while a child is not talking well, she/he is far behind the peers.... That's why a lot of parent got bad news at testing. All of us know that our kids are behind the typical/normal...etc....(everybody use the phrase what want), and I think all of us do the best we can. Sometimes better sometimes worse.
Szabi is not talking yet. If I am standing on my head, he isn't..... He will..... I hope soon..... but if I'd carry him to Dr. Mervis or Dr. Morris, they would find him far behind than other ws kids, I am 100% in this. But he is doing really well, only not talking and not potty trained. He is very non-verbal, he understands really many things and complete tasks (pull down socks, pull up trousers, wash your hands, bring here, give away, point sg. out etc...), but I don't need a comparison to somebody else, because it'd frighten me. Sometimes I am afraid of readig the blogs and the listserve, because I truly don't understand with ws-things and other parents fears or advices..... who knows what Szabi (or Clare, Avery, Erik, Brady and all the other kids) is going to do in a year or in 5 (10-20-50) years? For example I don't know yet what a lot of parent mean under anxiety. How can be a 1 or 2 year old child could be able for anxiety? I hope I only misunderstand the meaning of the word. And meltdowns.... it's ok for a meltdown in age 4 or up, but sooner???? Every healthy kid have tantrums, meltdowns, laughing-crying-laughing-crying periods, but should we label our kids with such ugly words as anxiety, meltdown and so on?
I really don't know what to think. Maybe I am lucky, because I am a lazier mum, try not to worry too much, and try to handle Szabi as a totally normal kid? maybe I am unlucky that I don't worr too much and don't work much more with Szabi? Am I gulity that I just want to play with my son and not to develop him under playing?

Sorry for the long comment, I had to write it down. I hope somebody understand it, and the others don't get sore :)

Love, Kati

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I took a few pics after Szabi and his dad were at the barber's and they made a big eating-before-the-TV :)))) Here are they:

and bonuses for me:
Szabi can catch the ball if sy. throw it
plus he is very happy when he puts out his tounge when I ask him :DDD

he is starting to say words (or sg. like them): thanks, mom, dad, stop... but I don't know when he is going to speak....

And here I am with baby#2:

Love, Kati

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The first snow

It was snowing this morning!!!! First time in this year (have to admit: last year there was no snow at all!!!!!) So: this is the first time when Szabi met the snow :))))))))) he doesn't really like the feeling when snow flakes were falling on his face, but loved the snow on the ground and of course the big plashes!!! This is not the real snow yet, only a little display, but it reminded me to go and buy warm boots for Szabi...yayyy