Monday, June 30, 2008

Good news

Don't want to beleive it, but my son is potty trained through daytime!!!!! He comes and say mommy, poop or shows need to pee (he can't say pee in hungarian so he shows it). Yeah, one less problem before kindergarten :)

He seeems to get start to speak, he is saying yes, in, out, three and other words... I think I had a wonderful weekend!!!!

Unfortunately Zalán was finding his thumb, so he doesn't want pacifier more... :( it is easier now, but who knows when he wants to give up thumb-sucking???

Splashing with my friend's son


Dad and zalán


Heather said...

Hooray!!!! Great job Szabi!!!!!
Zalan is sooooo cute! and getting big too. take care Kati!

Laura said...

That's wonderful news....Hooray for Szabi!!!
Zalan is getting so big, he's just adorable.