Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Well, time flies.... it was so long ago when I posted my last update. Of course things didn't change much, but I think it's time to tell something about us.

Szabi started to speak, he has so many words, sometimes he says sentences (3-4 words: dad, please build me car, I want to got to the plaza, I can't do that etc.), so he can express himself well enough. I am stupid, beacuse I want more and more, though I know he always be a follower... behind his peers. But it is easier to know what he wants.

He is in kindergarten every day 8am-12:30, he loves it, next month we try him to sleep there... and a big surprise: he pees totally alone, goes to the toilet, pulls off his trousers, and pees like a real big boy, flushes toilet, trousers back...sometimes forget hand-washing.... :)

Zalán is getting so big, he'll be 10 months old in a few days. He is standing up on everything and everybody, laughes a lot, but he is a little devil when sg. is not going on the way he wanted.

And 2 pics of my boys with love:


Kerry said...

WOW!!! So old!! I can't believe he's potty-training - that is awesome!

Nancy said...

They are SO CUTE! I miss you!